Sheridan High School holds Find Your Future.

Local News

THORNVILLE, Ohio – Several businesses and colleges came together tonight, for the Find Your Future at Sheridan High School.

Over 48 different organizations took part in the event… including colleges, military reps and more, to talk with students and parents about different opportunities. Junior Senior School Counselor, Alicia Stockler said a lot of the colleges were waving application fees tonight, and many businesses had job openings available.

“One of the things that I was trying to do with this is last year we had a free college application night, but I wanted to really open it up this year to all of the grades. So, this is something that we offered for grades 9 through 12 this school year instead of just seniors last year,” said Stockler.

Stockler wants to thank everyone that supported the event tonight, and said she hopes to have futures events even bigger.

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