Muskingum Co. Country Music Hall of Fame Plans Big Day

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Muskingum County Country Music Hall of Fame is planning a big day Sunday. The group of musicians is organizing a fund raising day at Roger’s Auction Barn just outside Adamsville.

“It was set up to honor the people of Muskingum County that have carried the old tradition of the schoolhouse dances, the Grange Hall dances, right on to playing in local clubs. To be a member you’ve had to play in Muskingum County for fifteen years and been a part of different bands; it didn’t have to be all the same band. You can go play out of the county, it doesn’t make any difference, but you’re a Muskingum County resident, your people that have carried the tradition here,” says Bob Pletcher, with the Hall of Fame.

Pletcher says they plan three events per year.

“There are no dues, once you’re elected, once you’re taken in, it’s just a way to honor the people. We meet once a month, we try to do a little bit for fund raising, we try to play some music together, we try to maintain the camaraderie that we’ve known through the years. It’s a fun organization, it’s built for people,” he says.

The Muskingum County Country Music Hall of Fame Day is set for Sunday at Noon.