Rural Life Inspires Local Artist

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Farm animals and small town roots serve as inspiration for the Zanesville Appalachian Arts Project Artist of the Month.

Local painter Crystal Fuller says that the experience of having grown up on a farm has greatly influenced her work.

“I do mostly rural scenes. I’ve been a member here at ZAAP probably for about ten years. This show kind of shows the evolution of my work; from when I did pastel work until I started doing the oil portraits of animals, and landscapes, and that kind of thing.”

As she grew as an artist, Fuller began to exclusively use oil paint when practicing her craft.

“When I first started spending a lot of time in the studio, after my children were all older, I experienced with a lot of different mediums. I like pastel; but I never did embrace the watercolor or the acrylic. The oil has always been my first love. And so, I ended up going back to that as I’ve worked more. I’m just happier working in the oil; it’s more forgiving.”

Works created by Fuller will be on display at the ZAAP Art Gallery tomorrow evening from 5 to 9 PM; as well as every Thursday through Sunday from 1 to 5 PM for the duration of the month.