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Attorney General Dave Yost Speaks About Human Trafficking

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost visits Zanesville to keynote the Noon Rotary at Bryan Place. Yost delivered remarks about human trafficking and how to watch out for victims of the dark practice.

“Most of us thought we got rid of slavery in America after the Civil War. But in fact we have an entire group of people that are being enslaved for purposes and sold for sex. It’s happening in every community in Ohio. It’s not just people being brought in from overseas in traffic containers or shipping containers. It’s happening with people right here in Ohio, native to Ohio. This is the kind of thing that- people notice- changes,” Yost said.

Human trafficking is considered different from prostitution in that the victim must pay most of the money they are paid to their captor(s).

“Women are often groomed as early as middle school, early high school. Somebody sees what’s going on, an older man shows up, starts treating her well, she changes her habits. She starts leaving school early, doesn’t hang out with her friends. When you see those kinds of changes, you’ve gotta ask questions, you’ve gotta say something to somebody because these are warning signs,” Yost added.

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