Local alpaca farm celebrates 11th National Alpaca Farm Days

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local alpaca farm celebrated their 11th National Alpaca Farm Days.

Alpacas are close relatives of the camel and llama. Their coat makes fantastic fibers, and is used in a lot of clothing, as well as other materials such as blankets and more.

Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Warne said “We really want to have a solid alpaca industry because their fiber is so good. It is hypo-allergenic, it is really soft, it is warm, it is wonderful. The animals are sweet. We just want to share I guess because it is so great, we want everyone to experience it so, we have to start small. We are starting in our community and that is all we can do I guess for now.”

Warne said that this year’s attendance total doubled last years. Going to the farm is a great opportunity not just to see their alpacas, but to learn about them as well.

“Our goal for this event was to share alpacas with the community and help them experience a good time with alpacas but we have surpassed that for sure. Last year we had 500 and we thought that was a lot and this year we have doubled that. We are just sharing alpacas with everyone, keep them coming and we want to teach everyone about them,” Warne added.

If you are interested in visiting the farm, you can go to www.thealpacasofspringacres.com