Pet of the Week: Phoebe

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – On the TV show Friends, Phoebe Buffay was famous for her song Smelly Cat. Well, at the Animal Shelter Society Phoebe is the cat, however she is not smelly.

This is Phoebe, a sweet 4-month-old orange tabby kitten. Phoebe is blind, however, Animal Shelter Society Board President, Stephanie Hill said that doesn’t stop her from playing, cuddling, and just being a great cat.

“Even though she is blind, she gets around really well. She loves to play, she is super cuddly. She is purring right now so she is really sweet and I think the family that adopts her needs to know that she is special needs, so it will be a little different but I think she will make a great addition to any family,” said Hill.

The Animal Shelter Society is currently having their September Cat Adoption Special, so Phoebe is only 25 dollars. The Animal Shelter Society, located on Newark Road, is also in need for kitten chow and Hill said the community’s assistance is great.

“One thing we really need right now and the community always helps us with this, is kitten chow. For cats like Phoebe and a lot of our kittens that are in foster care or are just coming back from foster care, we go through a lot of kitten chow, so if anybody is able to donate a bag or two, we would really appreciate it,” Hill added.

If you are there for Phoebe, She will be there for you too.