O.U.Z holds Future in Work and Education Summit

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Ohio University of Zanesville hosted a Future in Work and Education Summit for several business owners, teachers, and other community figures.

The summit took place this morning, and over 100 community members were in attendance. Guest Speaker Dr. David Delong discussed the future of work and education on a bigger spectrum. O-U Zanesville Marketing & Public Relations Specialist, Holly Voltz said the work place is constantly changing, so holding these summits are very effective.

“We are really facing a new future of jobs, that we don’t even know what those jobs will be at this point. So, we have got a great mix of people. We have 160 people attending and we have a mix of people from industry, to manufacturing, to business, to education and higher education, all coming together to meet and try to work together in the community, to make sure that we are really prepared for the future and the future needs for this community to make us successful,” said Voltz.

Voltz said it is important for companies to keep up with the changes or else they could get left behind.

“A lot of the changes that we see is the different ages in the work force. I think there is 4 or 5 different generations that are in the workforce. So, you have got a lot of different opinions and how these different age groups want to do work, how they interact, what type of environment they want to be in. So, I think it is a challenge to figure out how we get a good work environment that meets all of their needs and help everyone understand that we need to work together to accomplish this,” Voltz added.

Voltz said this was just a starting point, and O.U.Z is looking to have three future summits.