Contractors meet with County Comm. for Roseville Projects

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Several contractor representatives presented bids this morning at the Muskingum County Commissioner’s Office for the Roseville Project.

Muskingum County Projects Director, Don Madden said they are looking to extend water to Roseville, so Muskingum can be considered a bulk supplier. Madden said there are two different parts of the project to bid on.

“Leffler Road is another title that is being used for it. It is one where the county is looking to extend water from the Cannelville area, where we just finished a project here about a year ago and extend it over to the village of Roseville, so that we can be, what is called a bulk supplier to the village of Roseville,” said Madden.

Madden said the first component of the bid went great, but they are going to have to go back to the engineers for the tank portion of the project.

“Our bids on the pipeline portion were excellent, well under the engineer’s estimate. There will be a tank as part of this project as well. The bids on that were a little higher than we anticipated so the engineer is going to need to review that and provide us guidance as to how he will want to proceed,” Madden added.

Madden said once they agree on a contractor, they can start construction and can discuss the tank they need, while they are working on the pipeline.