Marty Brennaman final broadcast for Cincinnati Reds

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – If you are an avid Cincinnati Reds fan, Thursday will be a bittersweet day for the sports broadcast community.

Marty Brennaman has been a sports broadcaster and radio voice for the Cincinnati Reds over the last 46 years. His long broadcast career comes to a close Thursday when the Reds play at Great American Ballpark. Brennaman has made a major impact to the sports community across the country by his expressions and creating a familiarity in his broadcasts.

“Marty has been with the Reds since 1974 and some of his very famous expressions you hear on a regular basis and just common everyday language,” said WHIZ Radio Program Director, Brenda Larrick.

“It’s really one of those things to have that association, to have that familiarity. To know who’s going to be calling the game. To know what their perspective is going to be,” she added.

Marty has visited Broadcast Hill several times over the years as the Reds Caravan have made stops in Zanesville. His ability to reach out across Ohio and beyond over the airwaves really inspired people to reattach to baseball.

“You listen in to a radio game because of the broadcaster. Not just because of the plays, not just because it’s your favorite team. But because of who is presenting it to you. And people will really and truly miss his perspective and how he delivers the information,” said Larrick.

“He’s definitely made an impact on so many people over the years through the Cincinnati Reds organization. And the opportunity to broadcast for one organization for 46 years is definitely something to be in awe of,” she added.

AM 1240 and 102.3 FM will be covering the Reds game against Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday starting at 12:05 p.m. This is the final chance to listen to a sports legend.

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