Local heroes helping nation’s heroes

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Local heroes are helping the nation’s heroes this weekend with a fun and entertaining fundraiser for the American Legion.

Several local celebrities are volunteering their time this Saturday to help the American Legion get a new roof. American Pride will be holding the event, where the local celebrities will be on the roof. They will call friends or family to raise money to be bailed off of the roof.

Ladies Auxilary Chaplin American Legion Post 29, Connie Hardcastle said, “For the raise the roof campaign, it is going to be down at the American Pride on McIntire Avenue. Ryan Dodson has graciously given us his roof and we are going to be putting some of our veterans on the roof and some of our community leaders.” She added, “They are all going to be up on the roof calling their friends and family begging for donations to either get down or stay up on the roof.

The American Legion has been holding fundraisers throughout the summer to raise money for a new roof. Hardcastle said the community support has been amazing, and this is a great opportunity to help out the Legion.

“The Legion is in desperate need of a roof. It has been leaking and this is the home base for all of the veterans from all the wars. They meet here, it is for fellowship and we’d like to open it up to the community and let the community see what the veterans are all about.”

The event is for people of all ages, and kids are asked to dress like their favorite superheroes. The Heroes on the Roof will take place this Saturday from noon till 3. American Pride will donate $100 for every lawnmower sold.