Muskingum Co. Elections Leader Talks National Voter Registration Day

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The man who handles voter registration and elections in Muskingum County is urging people who are eligible to vote but not yet registered to do so today.

It’s National Voter Registration Day.

“There’s not really much to know, you just be able to fill out the forms, bring in ID, then we’ll get you registered to vote for this coming General Election coming up November 5,” says Tim Thompson, Director of the Muskingum Co. Board of Elections.

The General Election is November 5, 2019, and there are a few things to know before asking to be registered. You’ll need identification and an address.

“Being a citizen, having a residence, or at least being able to give us a residence so we can get you registered in a particular precinct or ward,” “Once a voter registers to vote then we’ll mail them a card and let them know where their voting location is,” Thompson adds.

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