ZPD discusses I-70 reconstruction impact

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Ohio Department of Transportation’s I-70 reconstruction plan will affect both motorists and law enforcement in the area.

ODOT’s preliminary plan is rebuild the I-70 bridges over the Muskingum River and close down two underpasses Downtown. The reconstruction will majorly impact traffic for residents and even response time for law enforcement.

“The construction process is going to basically be to repair and improve the conditions of the bridges through the area and resurfacing. That construction period will have some major impact to traffic flow and response times. Response times maybe not as much, but the convenience for travel through the area is going to be impacted pretty drastically, but it’s the reality of construction at the level they’re going at,” said Zanesville Police Department Captain Scott Comstock.

Comstock also said they are coordinating with Zanesville City Schools and ODOT regarding time frames that would be best to least impact students traveling through State Street and Blue Avenue. He said residents must be aware that it will be a notable change for everyone’s routine in the morning and afternoon commute.

“There’s been some debate right now on some proposals of traffic changes that might not be seen as beneficial right now to the residents and could obviously adversely affect response times for us,” said Comstock.

Captain Comstock said there will be additional emergency services meeting with ODOT to specifically address the issues with response time and traffic flow in the near future.

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