Riesbeck’s and local food pantries pair up to fight hunger

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Several local organizations and Riesbeck’s paired up this afternoon for Hunger Action month, to help out the local food pantries.

Bags of food could be purchased and then donated for $5.00 today at Riesbeck’s to help out the community. The food purchased went to the number of food pantries in the area to help out those facing hunger.

Christ’s Table Executive Director, Keely Warden said, “We partnered with Riesbeck’s. They made up these nifty little bags with all kinds of stuff that we use in the pantries and the hot meals. You can buy them here at Riesbeck’s here today for $5.00 a bag. We packed over 100 bags. We are hoping to sell all of those bags at Riesbeck’s today and these bags will return to the 14 food pantries and the 4 hot meals programs that are part of the Muskingum County Hunger Network.”

Warden said it is great having all of the food pantries and other organizations coming together for a great cause.

“This is such a giving community and when Riesbeck’s stepped forward and they wanted to do something, it touched all of our hearts because they see us in here buying food all the time for the pantries. We are trying to keep those shelves stocked. They see us in here buying food, so they know we are truly partners and they give, we buy. So, to have them step up and say we want to do this, it truly touched all of our hearts and we are hoping it is a success today because it is a win-win situation for both,” said Warden.

Warden said if you are in need of food, but do not know where the food options are, simply dial 2-1-1 and they can assist you.