Local beekeeper’s hives undergo inspection

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Bees are extremely vital to the environment and one local beekeeper is helping keep that impact.

Zanesville beekeeper, Jennifer Way, met with the county bee inspector just to review if there are any issues with the bees and hives. Way has owned a hive since 2017 and was inspired to help with bee survival and learn more about them.

“I was interested in pollinators. And so that led me to deciding to keep bees and hopefully to help out with their survival,” said Way.

“Right now I’m interested in learning how to take better care of the bees. Still get the hang of keeping them from swarming. And from making sure I’ve got additional honey that I can harvest on top of what they need,” she added.

County Bee Inspector, Michael DeVaughn looks for diseases and viruses that could potentially be transmitted and harmful to other hives. There are roughly around 250 hives in Muskingum County. DeVaughn said bees are extremely important for pollination.

“Most important thing about honey bees is not honey, it’s all about pollination. When it comes to pollination, honey bees pollinate approximately one-third of our food supply out here. So you can thank a honey bee for every third bite of food that you eat,” said DeVaughn.

For more information on how you can help ensure the future of the honey bees, you can visit the American Beekeeping Federation website, www.abfnet.org.

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