Carr Center celebrates National Adult Day Services Week

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Carr Center is celebrating National Adult Day Services Week.

The special week has been celebrated annually since President Reagan’s proclamation of it in 1983. The purpose is to raise awareness of the availability of adult day programs nationwide. The Carr Center is celebrating by holding a different theme and activities each day for the individuals of their adult day care.

“Each day of this week we have a different theme like yesterday was 1950’s week. Today is Hawaiian luau week. Tomorrow we’re going to have a lady come in and do Mary Kay cosmetics on all the ladies. Do their makeup, hair,” said Director of Nursing, Martin Gamble.

“With our aging population, these are things that they can relate to. So we try to go with things from the past, and they just all really love it,” added Gamble.

The Carr Center is also inviting the community to come out and walk with them for the fifth annual “10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls” event. The event is meant to raise awareness on the risks older individuals have from falling and how they are able to prevent it.

“It’s established that 1 in 3 persons over the age of 60 will have a fall in the next year. And with falls comes other medical complications for that person. So we want to try to bring awareness to falls and fall prevention,” said Gamble.

The Carr Center clients and staff will be celebrating the walking event at the Genesis Hospital Fitness Trail on Monday, September 23rd.

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