Zanesville Noon Rotary Club’s guest speaker from Romania Rotary Club

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Noon Rotary Club welcomed guests visiting all the way from Romania.

Representatives from a Rotary Club in Romania attended the Noon Rotary Club Tuesday afternoon introducing guest speaker, Sorina Bradea, who is a part of Rotary’s New Generation Service Exchange program. She spoke with the club about their Rotary Club in Romania and what they have learned from the rotary clubs in the U.S.

“Rotary is international. And we can learn from each other to make our communities better. And that’s what rotary is all about, helping your community and also helping international communities. So we welcome them and we’re interested in hearing all about what they have to say today,” said Dana Matz, Chamber of Commerce President.

Bradea said there are 136 rotary clubs in Romania, and their goal is to build strong partnerships around the world. She explained that their rotary club takes on many similar projects involving environmental, educational, mentorships, and health projects. She added that they have learned the U-S has lots of independence in education and large involvement in community.

“We saw a lot of senior people that are acting as volunteers, they are very active in all kinds of projects and activities. We don’t have that either. So that’s another thing that for sure we will take with us back home,” said Bradea.

The group also visited Columbus and other Ohio cities. After three weeks, Zanesville is the last stop until they return home to Romania.

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