“Saved By the Belt” award presented to young driver

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Zanesville Post presented a local teenager with a special award.

Ashton McArtor received the “Saved by the Belt” award. McArtor was involved in a crash on State Route 146 earlier this year, and was saved from being seriously injured by wearing her seat belt. The award recognizes drivers who make good decisions to wear the belt. Lieutenant Russell Pasqualetti, the Ohio State Highway Patrol Zanesville Post Commander, said it is an easy decision to make, and he wants young motorists to make it a habit.

“We want to recognize people who wear that and make that conscious choice to put the belt on. And especially young drivers cause they can influence other young drivers, and that’s where we really need to concentrate on is teaching people when they’re young to wear that belt. Turn it into a habit,” said Lt. Pasqualetti.

McArtor said she wants others to understand the impact a seat belt can make because she did not realize it until she experienced it for herself.

“I just want to make sure they wear their seat belt every time,” she said.

“I’m really thankful I did that day, and I have every day since. And I hope everyone else can do the same,” McArtor added.

Lieutenant Pasqualetti said the Patrol will continue to spread the message on the importance of wearing a seat belt whenever they can.

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