Mid-Ohio Mobility Solutions, new call center open house

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A new regional call center had an open house in Downtown Zanesville Monday afternoon.

Mid-Ohio Mobility Solutions, MOMS, is a call center that coordinates with regional transportation providers within communities to ensure reliable transportation to places like work, school, or medical appointments. The call center is available to all residents and organizations needing help with transportation options in several counties including Muskingum, Guernsey, and Perry.

“It is a call center that is serving a 10-county area. Actually the OMEGA area. SEAT is the driving force of Mid-Ohio Mobility Solutions, and it is designed to break down barriers with transportation along with other social determinate barriers within actually a 13-county area,” said Howard Stewart, SEAT Transit Director.

The center has already helped 40 people so far within a nine-week period. All calls are free of charge. Call center representatives assess the transportation needs and work to provide a solution. Options are discussed and trips will then be scheduled.

“They start looking for either solutions, referrals, whatever they can do to help that. So say you would call in and you need to go to another county. So they would first look at where the transportation is, how they can partner with maybe another county, and what rate that would be trying to be an affordable, low cost to get them across county lines,” said Shannon Hursey, Mobility Manager.

For those transportation needs just contact them at their facility at 1-833-951-0012. Call center hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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