The Barn hosts an NFL kickoff party

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The first Sunday of the National Football League’s 100th season kicked off this afternoon and local bars were busy with fans.

The Barn held an NFL kickoff party this afternoon, and with many having high expectations for this year’s Browns team, there was a lot of brown and orange at the barn today. The Barn Owner, Jim Watson said summer is great for business, but football season is the best time of the year for the bar.

“Yeah, in general between college football and the NFL, it really is a huge boost to the business. We are getting into our more busy time. We are busy during the summer as well, but on these Saturdays and Sundays with the football games, everything just kind of boosts up to the next level so we are super excited about that. We got some great specials around food as well as some bucket of beer specials,” said Watson.

Watson said when the Steelers, Browns, or Bengals are playing, it is almost like a stadium atmosphere at the barn. The Barn even had a special halftime guest in attendance this afternoon.

“We have got an NFL kickoff party today. Really, it is a kickoff for the whole season but specifically for the Browns. We are going to have Chomps the mascot at halftime for the Browns game and just trying to create a fun atmosphere around here for the NFL kickoff,” said Watson.

The Browns, Bengals, and Steelers all played today, and Watson said they expected to be busy throughout the day.