Two local sisters rescue Hurricane Dorian dogs

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Hurricane dorian has shaken up the east coast for days now — leaving thousands displaced from their homes. 

Countless animals have been transferred to other states from shelters for safety. That’s when these two local sisters saw a post on facebook and knew they had to do something. 

“So I made a phone call on a whim, thinking this is a long shot, but I know that we were capable of jumping in a car and going to get them and that’s how it got started, said Tara Johnson.”

These two girls traveled 16 hours in the car all the way up from the Outer Banks to get saved and rescued from Hurricane Dorian and it’s all thanks to two local women here in Zanesville, Ohio. 

Tara and Tiffany loaded up their car and drove over 7 hours to Delaware to meet Annabelle and Luna from the Brandywine Valley SPCA in Delaware. They said the experience was unlike anything else. 

“When we got there and we saw the vans coming in with animals stacked, you know, full. I was just like ‘wow, this is so big,’” explained Tiffany Foreman. “And to see all the volunteers, people that just did it out of their own heart and their own pocket books, you know, not a lot of organizations were there and it was just amazing to see all these people pulling together for the one common good of saving an animals life. It was just wonderful.”

No, not everyone is able to just hop in their car and drive hours to help make a rescue, but when our country is being affected, that’s when you see everyone come together and do the best that they can. 

“Because it’s the United States of America and we should help any state. If there’s something going on, especially that big, we should be there. We should be willing and ready to jump when a person calls, for dogs, for people, for anything,” Tiffany said.

“And help anywhere. If it’s as simple as going out and you may not be able to make a road trip, you may not be able to financially afford it or you have a car that can’t make it or whatever, but you can somewhere along the line help,” explained Tara.

Annabelle and Luna were just two of the lucky ones that people stepped up and held out a helping hand for. They’re both ready to find their forever homes with an adoption fee of $150. And Tara says she will make sure their new owners know just how much they deserve. 

“I want the people that take them to know how that, you know, they really are part of something special.”

If you’re interested in adopting either Annabelle or Luna, you can call or text Tara at 740-586-5798 or email her at