Gary Allan coming to Secrest Auditorium in November

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – While you may not be “Watchin’ Airplanes,” you can be watching Gary Allan at the Secrest Auditorium, November 1st.

That is right, it is time to dust off those boots because the country music star is coming to Zanesville to perform. Dusty Guitar Promotions Co-Owner, Darren Tigner said getting singers as big as Gary Allan is so great for the community, because not only do locals enjoy it, but it brings a lot of people from outside Muskingum County as well.

“You know, this is really a big deal for the community because it does a lot of different things. It brings a lot of economic impact to the area. So, we have a lot of folks that come to the shows that are from the area and we have a lot of folks that travel from outside the area, so all of the restaurants and hotels and all those folks definitely get busy that night. So, it definitely has an economic impact, as well as all of the folks that are a part of the show, that are getting paid to come and go and do those things and then I think it is source of arts and fulfillment for the area,” Tigner said.

Gary will be playing several of his famous songs such as, “Watchin’ Airplanes,” “Every Storm” and more. Another reason to come is who is opening as a special guest for Allan. The local group Carson Drive will open for the country singer, a band based out of Zanesville.

“You know for us, it is really exciting to be able to bring an artist such as Gary Allan to Zanesville. I know our goal has always been to bring some of the best talent from around the country right to Zanesville and we have been very fortunate to bring in some big names. Gary has been here before, about four years ago and he sold out, so we were very excited to be able to bring back another sell out artist to Zanesville,” Tigner added.

The show is Friday, November 1st and you can get tickets starting tomorrow at 10, at the Secrest box office or at