Better Business Bureau warns students about scammers

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With colleges and universities getting back in session, The Better Business Bureau is warning students about the risks of scams.

Better Business Bureau President, Kip Morse said there are three common scams college students often face. These scams are employment scams, loan scams and tech support scams. Morse said students need be very vigilant with what they are clicking on as well as suspicious phone calls, text messages, and emails.

“So, if somebody approaches you that you are not familiar with either through email or through text message or phone call, before you start giving out information, you want to get the name of the company and then you want to research them upfront. Again, go back to your loan processor, look at the rules and regulations, call them directly and find out what is allowable, what is not allowable. Often times they will give you direction and let you know what is being offered is not a legitimate offer,” said Morse.

Morse said one way to prevent scams is to go to and search for the company, make sure you are not going to unfamiliar links and if you don’t recognize a phone number, do not give them any information.

“Well, it is easy if you respond to it. If you click on it, if you click on a link within an email, that is where the problem begins. The more cureous you are, the more trouble you can get yourself into. You don’t know where that link is going and the other thing is on the phone, if you get a text message if you get a phone number that looks familiar, often times those numbers are spoofed and they are trying to make it look like it is a phone number in your area,” added Morse.

Morse said it is important to be alert. If you sense something suspicious, delete you email or text and if it is a phone call, don’t pick up.