94-year-old vet gets honored by Genesis Hospice

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – It was a day full of stories, honor and respect at the Opdyke residence Friday afternoon.

94-year-old Navy Veteran, Eber Opdyke was honored today by Genesis Hospice for his service in World War Two. He received two awards, as well as a pin for serving the country. He said Genesis Hospice gave him back his life.

“It means life again, I was dead when I went over there or when they sent me over there but whatever they did was the right thing and I have to say after I’ve been home and the care I’ve been receiving both from the techs and the nurses, I cannot praise you guys high enough,” said Opdyke.

Genesis Hospice Veteran Representative and Vietnam Veteran, Ben Jennings said it is an honor and privileged getting to talk to these veterans. He said there is a special connection veteran to veteran, and he says the best part of the job is not only does the veteran enjoy the conversation, but he does as well.

“I’m a Vietnam Veteran. So, I retired and I was looking for something to do. I was looking to volunteer. I just wanted to reach out to veterans and help them out to make sure they understood t hat their service was being honored and that we were grateful, and it is also therapeutic to me being a Vietnam Veteran,” said Jennings.

War stories were a popular topic of discussion, but Opdyke wanted to make things clear, he is incredibly grateful for Genesis Hospice and the V – A.