O.S.H.P new Post Commander Russell Pasqualetti

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Lieutenant Matt Boyd was recently promoted to Staff Lieutenant of the Cambridge Post. The Ohio State Highway Patrol, Zanesville Post has a new Lieutenant.

After working all around the state for the Ohio State Highway Patrol for 23 years, including Zanesville 15 years ago, Russell Pasqualetti has earned the new Lieutenant position. A position he said is a great honor, and he said he has put in a lot of hard work to get here.

“It is a great honor, I have wanted to be a Post Commander since I first joined the Highway Patrol. I have 23 years on now, and for 23 years I have been working up to this point. So, I am happy to be here. It is a very proud moment for me,” said Pasqualetti.

Lieutenant Pasqualetti said a lot of his experience has been on the road. He knows from experience what the troopers experience throughout a shift, and he wants to get ideas and suggestions from them in hopes of making the roads more safe.

“There are the ones that are stopping with the people. Seeing the people and getting the input. I want the troopers to approach me with ideas. We will evaluate those ideas and if those are the best ideas to solve a problem, then that is what I will implement. I want to see a bottom-up approach here with what we can do with the community, how we can affect it, how we can reduce fatalities, increase the seat belt usage. All of those are ideas that are generated from the troopers,” said Pasqualetti,

Pasqualetti said he looks forward to his new position, and is happy to be back in the Zanesville community.

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