Colony Square Mall adds fun for kids

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A newly renovated kids interaction area has been built in the Colony Square Mall, offering them some new things to do.

Colony Square Mall General Manager, Teri Schaller said this area offers kids a break from shopping, a great learning experience, and simply a fun place to play. The area includes two children’s swings, multiple interactive panels, and spun chairs.

“We have just added these fun interactive panels and they include everything from a rain wheel, to what we call the sound garden, which is a piano, electric guitar and also a drum set. Then we also have another set of panels that invites you to play memory and reaction games, three-in-a-row. It also has a sign language panel,” said Schaller.

The mall also features other areas such as the play location which has chess and an interactive board, a play area, and a chalk board. Schaller said they are trying to make the mall not just all about shopping, or dining, but entertainment as well.

“Well, I think that we are interested in, not just being a place for great shopping and dining, but a place where you can come and be entertained and informed and actually participate and have fun. So, we like to add those elements throughout the mall and it is just great for families, and really we see people of all ages, engaging with these components, Schaller added.”

Next time you are at the Colony Square Mall, you can find the play areas in front of TJ Maxx and next to the food court.

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