Opus Peace Organization Helps Local Veterans

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A non profit organization aims to help veterans restore personal peace from dealing with unmourned losses and shame.

The Opus Peace organization provides educational programs to communities to assist veterans and others with their “soul injury.” A soul injury is an emotional wound from a loss or unforgiven guilt causing one to feel unworthy. Interim HealthCare Hospice RN and Opus Peace Ambassador, Becky Joseph said it’s important to help those, such as veterans, restore wholeness within themselves.

“If they feel like they’re not enough, or they have unmourned loss, unforgiven guilt and shame in their lives that they can find some self-help tools. We’re certainly not a counseling agent, I don’t have anything to prescribe. It’s more about looking within yourself and learning how to forgive, learning how to grieve,” she said.

Opus Peace provides free ceremonies and materials to help those veterans. For example, the Fallen Comrade Ceremony is designed to honor those who survive and carry the burden of their fallen comrade’s memory. A ceremony will be held on Sunday, October 13th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at North Terrace Church of Christ.

“That ceremony is going to be offered to the community and to any veteran in our community. And it’s not like a Memorial Day ceremony, it’s actually a ceremony that a veteran can come, a family member can come, and lay their burdens down,” Joseph added.

For more information on Opus Peace and their mission, you can visit their website, www.opuspeace.org.

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