Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague Speaks With Zanesville Rotary

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio State Treasurer made a visit to Zanesville Tuesday afternoon and spoke with the Zanesville Rotary Club.

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague spoke with the Club about the work accomplished within Ohio’s Treasury. From hedging interest rate risks to providing updates on a new program called ResultsOHIO. The ResultsOHIO program is a financing tool where the State will pay for things that produce results within issues such as heroine addiction, Lake Erie algae, and other things that have been difficult for Ohio to solve.

“We’re launching the program this month. The ResultsOHIO program, just got authorization from the legislature. We have an appropriation. And the very first project we’re going to have is based on recidivism. Helping people coming back from the prison system enter the workforce successfully, being able to keep a job,” said Treasurer Sprague.

In addition to discussing the ResultsOHIO intiative, Sprague explained how the Treasurer’s office suppports local communities such as Zanesville with programs like the STAR Ohio program, Ohio Market Access program, and the Ag-Link program. He said it’s important to go out and speak with Ohio communities to hear first hand what’s happening within the local areas.

“We get to hear what’s happening on the ground in different communities. Ohio is a very diverse state. What’s happening in Columbus is not what’s happening in Zanesville. Maybe not what’s happening in Cleveland. So this gives us an opportunity to get feedback over what we need to tackle next,” he said.

Treasurer Sprague is headed to Northwest Ohio next to discuss the ResultsOHIO program.

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