Girl Power’s first ever backpack giveaway was a huge success.

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Across town, another local organization was hard at work today giving away backpacks and teaching young women values.

The Girl Power group gave away 100 backpacks for local children in the community, along with a second hand clothing sale, an ice cream social and more. Founder of Girl Power, Melissa Gross said this was their first time having the “Fill A Backpack” giveaway, and they plan on having this event for years to come.

“It feels really, really good. A little girl came and got her backpack and it brought some of us to tears. So, it was really, really nice and a great feeling.” Gross added, “Now, I think we increase it by our goal is 200 backpacks and then keep going, and going, and going. We are going to have another event like this during Christmas time, instead of backpacks it will be bags full of presents for kids tagged in with a breakfast with Santa, and again all donations will go to help fund these great community service projects and events that we will have.”

While this event really helps out kids in need of backpacks, school supplies, and clothes. It also helps out the members of Girl Power gain values and morals.

“It makes a good impact on me and everybody around us. Just to know that you can make a little girl or a little boy’s day better and to just have a good school year,” said one member. Another Girl Power member said, “I think it is going really well, It means a lot to be able to help kids that need things and cant afford or might not have the time to go get school supplies.”

If you are interested in learning more about girl power or want to know more of their program, you can visit their Facebook page Girl Power of SEO Embrace, Empower, Ignite

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