WHIZ offering new high school football talk show

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – We are just a few short weeks away from high school football here in the Buckeye State, and WHIZ is happy to announce a new 30 minute football talk show on Thursday nights.

WHIZ Radio Play-By-Play Announcer, David Kinder says the FM radio show will consist of the next days games, interviews with guests, coaches on the shows, and more. Kinder said this will get the people ready for the game, and allow them to get to know their team better.

“This is going to be a fun football season. I mean, every football season here is so much fun. There is so much good talent, good teams and of course the fan support in every high school is phenomenal. Really looking forward to this season. There is going to be tons of good teams in the area. Lots of good teams to look out for. You are going to have your usual power houses, your Tri-Valleys, your sheridans, they will always be up at the top of course Zanesville is going to have a good season and we are really looking forward to the M.V.L season and doing the game of the week on the FM station,” said Kinder.

Kinder said the show will be a lot of fun to listen to, and very insightful. He said Ohio is simply a great football state.

“Ohio is a huge football state, everywhere you go. You have your pro teams in Cleveland and Cincinnati, the Buckeyes in Columbus, all the MAC schools throughout but Southeast Ohio, in our area of the state, Muskingum County and the counties around it really just as big of football fans as anyone, anywhere in the state you go,” added Kinder.

So make sure come football season, you are tuning into WHIZ’s FM station at 7:00 pm for the update on high school football.

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