Genesis providing medical care at the fair.

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – As the temperatures stay in the mid 80’s throughout the week, folks attending the 173rd Annual Muskingum County Fair need to stay hydrated.

Genesis Community Ambulance E-M-S say even on cloudy days, humans can quickly become dehydrated and suffer from heat exhaustion. Chris Farmer of Genesis Community Ambulance said they have already had 5 heat related injuries. Farmer says many people make the mistake of drinking tea, or soda thinking it will hydrate them, when in fact it does the opposite.

“Water, drink plenty of water. Sweet tea, pops, actually will drain your water system in your body. If they’re thirsty we offer free water here at the first aid tent. right behind the grandstands,” Farmer said.

While Farmer says it is very expensive to be out there, it is donated time by Genesis for Muskingum.

“This is our 25th year of being out here. This is a donation that we give to the county back to the county. It is important to have first aid here because it is a quicker response. Our golf carts are going throughout the fairgrounds all day long,” Farmer.

Farmer said if you attend the fair and need medical attention, their medical station is located behind the grandstand under the big red tent.