Trulight Ministries 4th annual “Night in a Box”

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local ministry that is known to help the homeless community is hosting a unique fundraiser.

TruLight Ministries is hosting their 4th annual “Night in a Box”, a fundraiser where people spend the night in a box. This is to illustrate what homeless people go through on a nightly basis. Trulight Ministries Executive Director, Ed Swartz said the event has continued to grow each year.

“The first year we did it, we had eight participants. The next year we had about 16, last year we had 30. So, we are hoping to have about 50 to 60 participants this year.” Swartz added, “So, the ones who have come out have always come back the following year, so we are hoping we get new participants to come out and then they will continue to come out the next year and the next year and the next year. So we can continue to grow.”

The event takes place  Friday August 30th from 7:00 PM till 7:00 AM. There will be refreshments to start the night off and a band, before people sleep outside in their boxes. I.H.O.P will be serving breakfast to those that make it throughout the night. Swartz said the money raised will go a long way towards helping the homeless community here.

“We are trying to remodel our building here. We want to put in a homeless center, which would be equipped with shower facilities, laundry facilities and we want to put in locker facilities for the homeless. Those are all things that they need. A lot of times you will see them walking through town and everything they own they’re carrying in a backpack, or you will see them pushing a stroller or an old grocery cart somewhere. Everything they have, that is it that they are pushing,” said Swartz.

To sign up, you can go to the Trulight Ministries Facebook page seen below.