Local man honored by the Mighty Oaks

Local News

A local man who has done so much for the community was honored last Friday at the Mighty Oaks Graduation ceremony.

The Mighty Oaks organization works with veterans to get them back on their feet after returning. When soldiers return, they can have a tough time readjusting to life here, and the Mighty Oaks helps them. They offer them fully sponsored training, meals and lodging to get them moving forward. World War II veteran, Bill Straker has helped out the Mighty Oaks significantly, and has also donated to have lodges set up at the Wilds for Veterans and the community to stay. The Mighty Oaks recently honored Straker with a beautiful handmade quilt. His daughter Susan accepted the quilt and showed a lot of gratitude for what the organization does. While Straker couldn’t make it, he said he was touched by the gesture, impressed by the worksmanship, and appreciates the validation. Both the Straker family and the Mighty Oaks Graduation have done great work in the community. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Mighty Oaks Organization or to donate you can visit their website seen below.