40th Annual Bossy’s Milk Jug Auction

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A Muskingum County Fair tradition is continuing to support youth involvement in an agricultural organization.

This is the 40th year of the Bossy’s Jug Auction at the Muskingum County Fair. The purpose of the auction is to help raise money by auctioning off items such as ceramic milk jugs, farm toys, and other dairy themed articles to the highest bidder. The items were donated to the auction from various local organizations or individuals.

“This is the 40th year of this auction. So it has built from there and continues to grow. And we just want to support the 4-H exhibitors and give back,” said Muskingum County Dairy Promoter President, Mandy McKenzie.

The proceeds from the auction will benefit the junior Fair 4-H exhibitors that are unable to sell their cow or another market animal at the Fair. McKenzie said events like this make it easy to give back to those kids who work hard with their animals.

“It’s not just go out and get one off the farm and walk it. You have to constantly be working with it, it’s not something that just happens. So you put a lot of effort, work, money, and feed. So this is to help support the 4-H’er who has put so much time and effort into making their project successful,” said McKenzie.

Fair attendees were able to donate to the Bossy’s Jug if they chose. If you would like to continue supporting 4-H exhibitors, there are other 4-H market animals that will be for sale throughout the Fair.

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