Security at 173rd Annual Muskingum County Fair

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office is providing a fun, yet safe environment for Muskingum County Fair attendees.

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said there is a good and reliable security group at the Fair. He said there will always be security through the Midway, for parking, and all the Fair events throughout the week. Sheriff Lutz added that any time there is a large gathering there are always concerns, but they are there to keep the area safe.

“We’re just trying to be out here, be proactive, be alert. We had to kick two people out yesterday for fighting on a minor scale. So we’re here for security, for those types of things, but we’re also here in the big picture just to make sure nothing big goes on. Keep everybody safe, and to do our best to send everybody home after they’ve had a good time,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Office also has a tent set up at the front so they have the chance to interact with people as well. At the tent you can expect to find lots of resources for people to enjoy. There are informational handouts for adults to coloring books for the kids. And even a driving simulator for teenagers learning to drive. Sheriff Lutz also said a big hit for them at the Fair are the child’s I-D cards.

“What that is, is the parents will bring their small kids in. They actually get their thumb print on the back of a driver’s license sized card. It has their picture on it, so if that child ever becomes lost they have an immediate picture to show law enforcement what their child looks like,” he said.

Sheriff Lutz also encourages families to use the Sheriff’s Office tent as a rallying place for families to meet or use in case they lose one another.

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