Generous Donation to Transitions

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Three organizations are working together to help those in need.

The Mid-East Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition, or MERRC is an organization in Zanesville that has a mission to spread awareness and bring an end to human trafficking. They decided to adopt local domestic violence shelter, Transitions, as their cause to assist with. MERRC member, Steven Foreman said he reached out to the Malouf Foundation who generously donated materials to Transitions that include new beds, headboards, and mattresses for the Transitions residents.

“This is going to give them the mattresses they need, the bed springs they need, the pillows, the comforts, the sheets. These are things that when we do fundraise for Transitions, we’re out there trying to find. This is a windfall today,” Foreman said.

“They align with the Malouf Foundation. We strive to help out people that are in need. And especially women and children that have been abused and could use this,” said Malouf Warehouse Manager, Braden Brown.

The Malouf Foundation was willing to help with MERRC and Transitions immediately because they share a significant mission to prevent human trafficking and physical abuse as well. Executive Director for Transitions, Mitzi Shook said it’s a humbling donation and believes this will make a huge difference for their residents.

“We’re a full service, we have victim advocates that help you in court. So we’re the real deal, so therefore for them to be able to have someplace to rest and get good sleep, this is going to be huge for them,” Shook said.

Foreman said MERRC will continue to further their support of Transitions and their cause.