Farm Chore Olympics at Muskingum County Fair

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Kids compete doing farm duties at the Muskingum County Fair.

This is the second year for the Farm Chore Olympics. Teams of four consisting of Junior Fair exhibitors get to compete against each other. They need to fulfill four farm chore challenges with eliminations after each round. After the success of last year’s farm chore olympics, they were inspired to bring it back another year.

“It’s just a set of games. More like farm chores. And we replicate those, like feeding and watering and stuff that kids would do everyday with their animals,” said Jr. Fair Board member, Kamryn Kreis.

The farm chore olympics are designed to highlight the values of farming that include team work, hard work, and unity.

“It’s not only fun for them, but team work and just an experience to get to know other kids at the Fair. And it’s just something that brings so many people together. If you look at the crowd here, it is crazy. There are so many people coming to watch,” Kreis added.

All participants receive a meal tickets from the Fair. The winning team receives a cash prize.

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