50th anniversary of the Salt Fork Arts and Crafts Festival

Local News

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio – If you are looking for weekend plans this week, the Salt Fork Arts and Crafts Festival is a must.

The festival is in its 50th year, and Assistant Festival Director, Adam Karlen said it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He said the Salt Fork Festival has vendors from all over the country, and Cambridge City Park is the perfect venue for the event.

“Excellent, so we actually have over 90 different vendors. All different types of mediums from local to Florida, Texas, all over the country. We also have seven food vendors also from the area. Anything from fish tacos, we have grilled cheeses, pizza, something for everyone,” said Karlen.

Karlen said there are a lot of media for people to enjoy. There is also market styled stores selling a variety of different products.

“Sure, anything from mixed media acrylics, to ceramics, soap makers, jewelers, again there is something for everyone. Karlen added “Yeah, so we also have a market place that has six vendors in it. We have someone selling flowers, dog cookies, salsa, fudge, again jellies, jams. Whatever you’re looking for we have it here.”

The first two days of the three day festival have passed, but the final day is tomorrow at the Cambridge City Park from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.