Officials discuss increasing security at the Muskingum County Courthouse

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Changes will be happening soon to the Muskingum County Courthouse in order to increase the buildings security.

The Muskingum County Board of County Commissioners spoke with Sheriff Matt Lutz, along with Judge Mark Fleegle and Judge Kelly Cottrill, about what security changes to make in the Courthouse.

Lutz said, “The commissioners have had the idea for quite some time of taking multiple entrances down to one entrance to make the Court House more secure. I think in light of everything that has happened in our country over the last several months, several years, I think this has been a trend and I think the commissioners should be commended for finding the resources to do this.”

Lutz also mentioned that along with adding an additional entrance, there will be more security screenings as well.

“There be a machine to walk through, metal detector type device, and we will have a conveyor belt that will check bags, purses, briefcases, different things like that,” said Lutz. “We will have to make sure we get the word out because you won’t be able to just show up and just go right into the Court House and go to your appointment. There will possibly be some wait and line to get in. I think once we get it up and running, and we get a couple weeks under our belt, it’ll probably be a pretty smooth transaction,” added Lutz.

Lutz said they want people coming to the Courthouse to be safe, so they are going to take quick action with the renovations.

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