Salary increase requested for drug felony assistant attorneys

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- You could find Muskingum County Prosecuting Attorney, D. Michael Haddox, at the Muskingum County Board of County Commissioners as he requested a salary increase for his felony assistants.

Haddox spoke to the commissioners about the increase in felony drug cases they’ve seen, partly due the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Haddox said, “In about that last three to four years, our felony case load has tripled, and in a large extent that is due to the opioid problem.” Haddox added, “I would say at least 80 percent of our crimes are connected to drugs somehow. Folks are either on drugs when they are committing the crime, they are selling or possessing drugs, they are stealing so they can go buy drugs.”

Due to this increase in the amount of cases, four of Haddox’s felony assistants, who specialize in drug cases, are working some weeks between 80 and 100 hours when preparing for trials.

“That’s really taken a toll on folks that work for me, and the number of hours they are working and putting in because of that, so I want to pay them for the time they are putting in,” said Haddox.

Haddox’s request for a salary increase for his assistants was approved by the Muskingum County Board of County Commissioners, and the transaction is underway.

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