Traffic Cameras Installations at Maple Avenue and Taylor Street

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Traffic cameras are being installed at a busy intersection in Zanesville.

Traffic cameras are being set up at Maple Avenue and Taylor Street for the purpose of vehicle detection. Traffic Signal Supervisor, Craig Stemm said there is currently no detection on Maple and Taylor because of the lack of pavement loops. If there is no vehicle detection it extends the time of the traffic signal.

“So what the cameras do is detect vehicles and/or bicycles and that controls the traffic signal and how much time it gets on Taylor, say Taylor Street here on each side. If the detection’s not working, that extends out the full time which I think we’ve got 15 seconds on one side now and 17 on the other. So whether there’s any traffic or not you get that amount of time,” said Stemm.

Stemm also said the best solution was to just install the cameras because there is no plan to pave the loops back into the streets. With the addition of the traffic cameras it will keep the traffic flowing mainly for Maple Avenue.

“If there’s no traffic we shouldn’t get any greens on the side street. Or if there’s only one car it’ll time that one car out and give that time to the other side or back on Maple Avenue. Which what the goal is to give all the time on Maple Avenue so we can move traffic up and down the street,” he said.

Traffic cameras are also installed at Bell Street and Bethesda Drive at the Emergency entrance. Also at Blue Avenue and McIntire Avenue to help move school traffic in the morning and afternoon. The cameras on Maple and Taylor should be installed by Thursday afternoon.

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