Dayton Police: Shooter Wasn’t Targeting Anyone in 30 Second Rampage

Local News Stories

The gunman who attacked the nightclub district in Dayton mowed down so many people so quickly that authorities say he probably was not targeting anyone.  Beyond that, investigators deemed it too soon to say what touched off Connor Betts’ 30-second rampage that left nine people dead early Sunday.  Among the questions:  why would the 24-year-old have shot his 22-year-old sister Megan, the youngest victim?  And what could authorities have done to prevent the attack that ended when officers gunned him down?  Some students who went to high school with Betts in a Dayton suburb note that he got suspended for making threats.  Others considered Betts a nice guy.  One friend even described him as “the kind of kid you’d want as a son.”

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