Muskingum County Sheriff Supports Bill Saving Ohio’s Front License Plate

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Law enforcement officials including the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office is working to save the Ohio’s front license plate.

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz joined Senators Uecker and Hottinger to support the Senate Bill 179, which reverses the the decision of removing the front license plate of vehicles. Sheriff Lutz said as President of the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association, they stand as an opponent to the law removing the front plate. He believes legislators listen to local law enforcement because they value their opinions and know it affects them and the community.

“We want to protect our citizens and we want to give families closure and part of that is solving crimes. Especially when they have victims. So we’re looking forward to staying in the fight with it, there will be alot of back and forth over the next 9-10 months and hopefully the Senators can get support and get it put back on,” said Sheriff Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz also said that the front license plate serves as a tool for law enforcement to prevent crime and to identify certain vehicles.

“Probably over 90%, 95% of crimes that are committed, there’s probably a car involved somewhere. They’re either using the car to get to the crime. They’re either using the car during the crime or using it afterwards. And when you take the front license plate off, that is literally taking 50% of our ability to identify a vehicle away,” he mentioned.

Elimination of the front plate is expected to take effect July 1st of 2020.