Muskingum Behavioral Health holds 40 hour recovery coach training

Local News

NEW CONCORD, Ohio – A five day, 40 hour peer supporter and recovery training session is being held in New Concord this week.

Muskingum Behavioral Health had three Naomi House moms sitting in on the training. The Naomi House is a place for women to go if they are trying to recover from addiction. One Naomi House mom, Constance Marling said the program is important for women with addictions, to get their feet back under them and beat their addiction.

“The Naomi House is a women’s recovery house, for women who have struggled with addiction. Some of them are trying to get their children back in their lives. So, we help them get into counseling. We help them if they are interested in 12 step meetings, and we help them learn the basic skills that they need when their children do come home,” said Marling.

The training took place at the New Concord Presbyterian Church. Naomi House mom, Sara Blake said more education on how to help the women, and how to connect with them will go a long way towards their recovery.

“We are getting a little more formal education on how we can help these women as peers. So, the three of us, I think I can speak for these two, like we’ve experienced a lot of what our residents in Naomi have experienced. So, this allows us to communicate with them and help them in ways that are more effective than if we weren’t trained, so we are getting that education,” Blake added.

All three said training is going to go a long way helping the moms be able to better guide the residents of the Naomi House.