Heartbeats Zanesville relocates to Maple Ave.

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Heartbeats of Zanesville held an open house to show off their new location on Maple Avenue Saturday.

Heartbeats has been in Zanesville for six years now. However, they just recently relocated their business. At the open house today, they were giving tours of the facility, playing games, offering food, and played music. Heartbeats Zanesville Program Services Manager, Tess Davis said they have a variety of services for the community.

Davis said, “We offer medical services of pregnancy tests and first trimester ultrasounds up to thirteen weeks, to discover if they are expecting and secondly, to make sure the baby is in the womb where it is expected to be.” Davis added, “We have lessons to help parents from the beginning of pregnancy clear through to like 12-years-old.”

Davis said she believes this new location will allow them to help a lot more people in the community, and also get the organization more popularity.

“Well, our hope is that we can reach more of the community and help them to know that we are here. We were down in the Putnam area prior and we just were not known. So we are trying to get our services out, where people know that we are here,” Davis said.

Davis wants to thank everyone that came out for the open house. For more information on Heartbeats, you can visit their website at www.heartbeats.org