Pet of the week: Velvet

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – If you are looking for a beautiful and well behaved dog, the Animal Shelter Society has the perfect girl for you.

Meet Velvet, a sweet 2-year-old husky chow chow mix. Velvet has a great personality, and Animal Shelter Society Interim Executive Director, Russell Denny said she would make a great family dog. Velvet is a cell dog, which means Noble County inmates train the dogs basic skills including walking on a leash, sit, and social skills. Denny said it is a great program, and both sides benefit from the training.

“Velvet’s personality is like what you can see right here, very calm. She listens to commands really well. She is a good family dog. A good dog around other animals. She is the whole nine yards.” Denny continued on to say, “An inmate trains them, they have a program down there. So, it is not only good for Velvet, to get out of the shelter because these are rescue dogs, but it is also good for the inmates to be able to have the socialization and they do a great job helping us out.”

The Animal Shelter Society is also looking for volunteers to help around the shelter and at volunteer events.

“Volunteers help us to make sure the dogs get walked in a timely fashion several times a day. Volunteers also help us on the weekend events.They also help us do some cleaning here to maintain the health of the pets here. We are always looking for volunteers, so if you are interested call out to the shelter, stop at the shelter. We are always looking for volunteers,” Denny added.

Denny said, it is not to late to sign up to play or to sponsor the Putt-For-Paws Golf Tournament. Velvet’s adoption fee is 175 dollars, and would be a great family addition.