Muskingum County Commissioners approve preliminary budget

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The County Commissioners held a meeting today to discuss Muskingum County’s 2020 preliminary budget.

County Commissioner, Mollie Crooks said while we are only half way through 2019, it is required by law to do a preliminary budget. The preliminary budget was approved today, but Crooks said they have a lot to look at over months to come.

“Preliminary budget was approved today. So, for the next six months we will be looking at meeting with department heads and elected officials, hearing more about their plans their ideas, and more specifically, going through their budgets so that we have a good idea of what needs are so by the end of this year, beginning of 2020 should be the final budget,” said Crooks.

Crooks said previous budgets helped determine this year’s preliminary budget, but she said a lot of variables could factor into the numbers changing.

“This budget would be based on past experience and what those individual department managers and elected officials have planned. We haven’t had the meetings with them for them to share all of those ideas with us because it is so preliminary and we know there is so many variables for another half year that is going to be a lot of variables to be considered,” Crooks added.

Crooks said as 2020 draws closer, the commissioners will be able to have a more precise budget.

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