New Direct Sales Company in Dresden

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DRESDEN, Ohio – Dresden’s basket-making heritage is continuing on with a new local business.

Dresden and Company, which was founded by Jim Lepi, is a direct sales company offering the highest quality of authentic home and lifestyle products. These items include baskets made right in Dresden, an exclusive pottery line made in Zanesville, home accessories, personalized products, and a food line.

“For 100 years baskets have been made in Dresden and in the last few months that has been missing. And there are crafts people who love the craft that they make and we’re eager to be making baskets,” said Dresden and Co. Director of Marketing and Communications, Brenton Baker.

“We really saw an opportunity, almost a duty to create Dresden and Company to connect those customers who love the craft with the people who love making the baskets,” he added.

Baker said that the company helps create jobs, provides an opportunity for people to make an income, and brings renewed energy back into the Village of Dresden. You can also join the team as a proprietor where you can share the unique Dresden and Co. items with families and friends and earn commission.

“When you see one of these baskets it’s important to know the person who made them, a little bit about their history, why the craft of basket-making is important to the Village of Dresden. And when you work through an independent proprietor, they can share all of that information with you and tell you why our products are unique and special and what kind of qualities that they have versus the things that you find on a store shelf,” said Baker.

For a look at the Dresden and Company products in their catalog, you can visit their website, You can start purchasing items from their website starting Monday, July 15th.

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