Jenning’s Java at the farmer’s market

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – While the temperature might have been a little warm for hot coffee Wednesday, Jennings’ Java had a variety of hot and iced coffee at the Downtown Zanesville Farmer’s Market.

Jennings’ Java was founded at Muskingum University and Co-Owner, Daniel Jennings said they love coming to the local farmer’s market. They say the local community has been so great in supporting them, and their business.

“We fell in love with this Zanesville, outer New Concord area. We basically love to come down here because the community has showed us so much support. We are actually roasting right now out of Columbus but we come back here because everyone has given us a lot of support,” said Jennings.

Jennings said they find great success at farmer’s markets because people love to come out and support local businesses. He said they also sell their products at farmer’s markets in Columbus as well.

Jennings added, “So, we work to try and get a good variety of coffee from around the different countries. So, right now we have Costa Rican coffee, Brazilian Coffee, a couple of coffees from Africa, as well. So, an Ethiopian and a Tanzanian as well. Basically, our roasting philosophy is, there are lots of different flavors in coffee and so we try to take each coffee when it is raw and figure out which flavor it is trying to release and highlight the flavor.

Daniel Jennings said he was inspired by countries’ pride in their flavors of coffee, and said he loves both the industry side and flavor side of coffee.

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