Ohio Democratic Party in Zanesville Discussing Affordable Care Act

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio Democratic Party held a press conference in Zanesville earlier Tuesday morning regarding the Affordable Care Act.

An appeals court in New Orleans heard arguments regarding the health care law. Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, David Pepper, along with running candidate for City Council at Large, Albert Zakany spoke at Genesis Hospital about the importance of the Affordable Care Act, why it should stay within the country, and if it is removed, how it would affect our own community.

“That would mean five million Ohioans with preexisting conditions, five million would lose their coverage. It means that about half a million Ohioans who have benefited from the Medicaid expansion which was bipartisan, that coverage would be gone. It puts at risk, 1 in 4 rural Ohio hospitals around the state,” said Pepper.

Pepper’s mission is to inform Ohioans on the law and what they can do. He recommends citizens contact their members of Congress and express their views on the law.

“We’re here simply to make sure people realize this argument is hundreds of miles away, but it has a direct impact on Zanesville, the health of folks in Zanesville, jobs in Zanesville, and all over Ohio,” he said.

The Ohio Democratic Party was in Springfield, Ohio Monday, and traveled to Steubenville Tuesday to discuss the issue as well.

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