Family Fun with games at the John McIntire Library

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Imagine having to steer the International Space Station through an asteroid field to safely, well kids at the John McIntire Library had an experience similar.

The game “Disaster on the International Space Station” was designed by Assistant Professor at Muskingum University, Jay Shaffstall. He said this is a great educational game for children to play with their family.

“We created this because it also has an educational benefit to it. The board is laid out like the Space Station actually is laid out and all of the modules really do the things that they do in real life. So, we think playing games as a family is something that has always been a big part of our life and our education and so we think everyone should come out and play some games,” said Shaffstall.

Youth Services Librarian, Kerrie Hrycko said these games are a great way for kids to have fun, but also learn something while playing. She said the library just got in a variety of new board games, and hopes people come to enjoy them.

Hrycko said “Today, we are doing a game called Disaster on the International Space Station designed by Jay Shaffstall of Muskingum University. We are going to be playing games the first Saturday of every month, so this is one of our fun- themed days.”

The John McIntire Library has plans to make next month’s game Giant Jenga, for more information on that you can go to

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